Rockin’ It Like a Pro: The Skills of Internet Marketing

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This post is the fifth section of seven-part series called “The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing.” To read the earlier posts, see Part 1: Introduction, Part 2: Definitions, Part 3: Strategy or Part 4: The Tools. Let's face it: to market you gotsta have skillz. (I just said that.) But for realz (oh!), it's easy for someone to rattle off marketing strategies at you like they're giving you the steps for baking cookies: "Oh, just put up a blog on your website, set up your social media Continue Reading

Ninja School: Using Internet Marketing Tools Like a Master

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This post is the fourth section of seven-part series called "The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing." To read the earlier posts, see Part 1: Introduction, Part 2: Definitions or Part 3: Strategy. Welcome, Grasshopper.  We've been expecting you.  Your training is about to begin. Follow me. (Massive oak doors slowly creak open, revealing a stone floor dimly lit by glowing torches lining the walls. Battle cries and the sounds of clashing weapons roll like waves off a crowd of black-clad Continue Reading

How to Take Over the World: The Secrets of Internet Marketing Strategy

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This post is the third section of seven-part series called "The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing." To read the earlier posts, see Part 1: Introduction and Part 2: Definitions. Warning: if you're not trying to take over the world, you may find this post boring. It's geared mainly for those obsessed, got-to-get-the-word-out types. If you're one of them, you know what I'm talking about. You have a business or a cause you're passionate about and want to spread the word far and wide. If this is Continue Reading

Finally! Internet Definitions You Can Understand

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Note: This post is the second section of a seven-part series called "The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing." Click here to read the first part of the series: Part 1: Introduction. The Internet is weird. Because it's constantly growing—added to every hour by millions of people all over the world—new words are always being invented to describe it. Trying to understand it is sort of a bizarre never-ending learning process. You're studying a subject which has terminology so new that much of it Continue Reading

The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing (Part 1)

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Internet marketing can be maddening. No, seriously frustrating. Like, OMG-blow-my-brains-out infuriating. It’s the kind of thing you can pour your heart and soul into but still end up failing miserably, confused and disoriented: Where to start? What to say? Who to say it to? How does it result in sales? What…am I doing? There are so many different websites, blogs and social media platforms it can seem impossible to wrap your wits around internet marketing at all, let alone come up with Continue Reading

Making Awesome Marketing: My Advice to Business Owners

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It’s funny.  I sat down to explain simple steps business owners could follow to apply world-class marketing principles to their company...and was stumped. What do you say to a guy who’s already working his butt off and might not even get enough time with his family? How do you give him something else on top of his already-swamped schedule? Sorry, not going to happen. Yet at the same time, so often I see small business owners trying to do marketing as an afterthought. They’re Continue Reading

Happy 250th Birthday, St. Louis

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250 years ago today, a fourteen-year-old boy commanding a party of 30 men began construction on a small handful of rough timber cabins clinging to the western bank of the Mississippi River. Crossing the ice-cold water by boat the previous day in late winter of 1764, he had arrived on behalf of his stepfather to found a fur trading post at the edge of the known world. Thus began St. Louis, Missouri. As the thud of their axe strokes echoed across the lonely wilderness, a bitter wind would have Continue Reading

The Auckland Invasion: Lorde Reigns at the 2014 Grammys


The youngest person in 25 years to hit the number one spot on the Billboard charts is a seventeen-year-old girl from New Zealand. Until last year she was a total unknown living in Aukland. Now she's a superstar who just won the Grammys. Her name is Lorde. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) is a singer and songwriter with a style that’s sort of an unpretentious mix of electronica, pop and art. Her song “Royals” held the top spot on the Billboard charts for Continue Reading

Thank You, Dr. King

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I sometimes think that it can be difficult for this white Midwestern boy to truly comprehend racism and discrimination, both because I haven’t experienced it personally and because it is so foreign to how I was raised. It is almost otherworldly to me that a person would be persecuted simply because of who they…are. Though I grew up in racially-divided St. Louis, I always thought my birth city made me far more racially accepting. I was a jazz musician and hung around smoky clubs, clinging to Continue Reading

From Worst To First: How The Red Sox Won The World Series

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Several months ago a friend wrote to me and requested an article about stat management, Japan's legendary post-war economic recovery and the 2013 World Series--quite an assignment, eh? I think I managed to pull it off. The result was this article, which appeared in Prosperity On-Line several months ago.  You can read the original here. From Worst To First: How the Red Sox Won The 2013 World Series By Matt Hanses Full disclosure: I am a Cardinals fan. When you’re born and raised in the Continue Reading