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You SmallWho are you? How do you come across to potential customers? What image are you conveying?

Making sure that people understand who you you are is vital. It can make or break marketing efforts. With an unclear identity, a business owner can market up a storm, only to find in utter dismay than no one on the other end of the line even understood what type of business he was in!

Businesses, like people, have personalities. They are often very unique. How do you communicate your company’s culture and personality?

This is the subject of branding.


In a vast sea of me-too competitors, how is a company supposed to stand out? All the consumer sees is identical website after identical website, bland sales pitch after bland sales pitch. How do you get recognized? How do you scream from the rooftops, “Hey! Pick me! I really am worth doing business with. I’m honest and do good work and….” Ugh.

However, most companies already have a unique “brand.” They’ve got a personality. They do good work—otherwise they wouldn’t be in business. Yet, often they don’t really realize what their own brand is. They’ve never thought of it. Some even feel that if they actually communicated who they really were, it would be a negative in their marketing! Not true though. You just need to figure out how to get it across effectively.

Your greatest asset in marketing is your company’s already-existing personality, reputation and identity.

How do you stick out? How do you get noticed? How do you get remembered?

This is branding.

Effective Communication

One of the most hideous jokes in marketing is the inability to actually communicate. Sometimes it’s so bad it gets painful. We’re not talking typos or unprofessional graphics here. We’re not talking about poor creative writing skills.

We’re talking utter failure to convey a message.

Businesses spend thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing, relentlessly trying to reach their customers. It can seem a like a labyrinth just to get a piece of promotion into the hands of your prospect. But what happens he doesn’t understand your message, even sitting there looking at the piece you’ve somehow miraculously gotten into his hand?

This is marketing apocalypse.

Yet, this happens all the time. A company spends hundreds of thousands on a billboard and TV campaign. Consumers have no idea who the company even is or what they sell. You send out 10,000 postcards only to later find out that, not only did no one buy anything, they didn’t even understand the type of work you do.

Talk about a tragedy!

The type of field you’re in, the services you offer, the unique personality of your company—all of these have to be instantly recognizable to someone you’re marketing to. They have to instinctively get the concept within seconds.

This means that the colors you use have to match the words that are written, which have to match the pictures you use, which have to match your overall strategy and personality. Branding is the fine art of ensuring that you and your message are instantly recognizable and memorable.

Free Branding Consultation

I can help you make sure that you’re getting your message across. We’ll do a consultation to go over who you are and what you’re trying to achieve, as well as what troubles you’ve had.

I’ll help identify any weak points in your branding and anything that you could do better. I’ll make sure that your marketing message really is one unified voice and that it’s being properly received at the other end of the line.

There’s no obligation. It will take about an hour or so. You’ll probably get better ideas and more clarity about your business just in the consultation itself.

As a writer who is experienced in both marketing and sales, I’m in a unique position to help you get your marketing message across.

My goal is to help you achieve your vision. My goal is to help you truly communicate.

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