With all the talk of web marketing, you’d think traditional print media is dead, but it’s not. Print media is alive and well and will be for years to come. Keep in mind that while 39% of the world is on the Internet, 61% isn’t. (Yes, most of this is in developing countries, but you get my point.)

What is print media? It’s anything that actually gets printed on a printing press or digital printer. Examples of print media include:

  • Books
  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Postcards
  • Fliers
  • Newsletters
  • Advertisements in magazines or newspapers

The loads of mail we all get every day attest to the fact that print promotion is still profitable for marketers and very much a part of our society.

Creating Print Promotional Materials

The print production process is roughly as follows:

  1. The concept of the promotional piece is worked out based on your overall promotional plan, ie. what type of item are you going to make and what its purpose is.
  2. The “copy” or words of the piece are written to achieve the purpose of the item.
  3. Images or graphics are designed or assembled to create the visual elements of the piece.
  4. The rough layout of the piece is done in a desktop publishing program such as InDesign, arranging the words and the pictures as they will appear when printed.
  5. The computer file is finalized for printing (there are technical aspects of ensuring you have the right margins, layout, colors and computer settings).
  6. The piece is printed.

How I Can Help

As with any promotional materials or publication, everything hinges on the writing–after all, the entire purpose is so that someone will read it.

Whether you’re writing a book, an article or a business report, I can help ensure that you get your thoughts down on paper in the right amount of space.

It can be quite a trick to get a compelling message across while still keeping in mind printing and mailing costs, word counts and available space on the page. Regardless of what media you’re using, I can get your message through.