From Worst To First: How The Red Sox Won The World Series

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Several months ago a friend wrote to me and requested an article about stat management, Japan's legendary post-war economic recovery and the 2013 World Series--quite an assignment, eh? I think I managed to pull it off. The result was this article, which appeared in Prosperity On-Line several months ago.  You can read the original here. From Worst To First: How the Red Sox Won The 2013 World Series By Matt Hanses Full disclosure: I am a Cardinals fan. When you’re born and raised in the Continue Reading

Translated Into Russian

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I was contacted a couple months ago by a Russian management consultant who had somehow seen my article on Elon Musk. We got to talking and I was struck by the joie de vivre he exhibited in his life. Besides his work as a consultant specializing in re-engineering business processes for large companies and a full schedule competing in Mediterranean sailing regattas, he also is in charge of public outreach for an association of consultants in Moscow. He had read my article and wanted to know if he Continue Reading