Web Copywriting

Matt recently completed a large and complicated project for us involving thousands and thousands of words of copy. The industry being written for is one that is typically known for double-speak and dry terminology-laden prose. Matt delivered what is arguably the best copy for that professional services industry that I have ever seen. The end user, our client, loved it. He delivered it well before deadline and no edits or updates were needed on his finished product – this is very rare in writing.

M.D., Marketing Firm Partner and Co-Founder

Sales Coaching

I can produce leads and I am am a experienced and very competent sales person but we needed to take it to the next level. Matt helped my company with sales coaching. He helped take it back to simple basics and pushed those hard. The things that had make me win in sales with my company were making me win in an even bigger way, thanks to his insistence. If our sales dipped briefly we went back to his recommendations and put back in what we had dropped out. It was like a pro baseball player having another pro he respected coach him through what then turned out to be a his greatest season yet. I would certainly recommend Matt and his company helping you to take you at your current level; giving you exactly what you needed and helping you to fully take it to the next level.

B.C., Marketing Firm Partner and Founder

Branding & Custom Projects

Matt can get up to speed on different topics rapidly. I recruited him for a project from reading an article he wrote and he has never disappointed. He’s worked on more than half a dozen projects for us to date and has delivered high quality results every time.

G.M., PR & Marketing Strategist

Organizational and Strategic Consulting

Matt applies a workable, scientific method of finding an actual solution to a business situation. The precision of detection, along with an exact application, ensures a positive result every time. 

D.R., Private Practice Owner