The Case For Beauty

Joan of Arc Statue Large

The world is as we see it, is as we create it. We experience what we emphasize. We receive what we give. Turn on the news—what do you see? The world is full of criminality, deceit and uncaring self-interest. Yet go to a symphony or a play, watch a beautiful movie, roll down the windows and listen to your favorite song. Suddenly life is an amazing place where anything can happen, where the good guys win and where sunlight streams through the clouds onto a world of hope and Continue Reading

Know Thyself: The Link Between Brand, Business Plan and Marketing

Know Thyself--Small

Let’s talk about the big picture of your life and goals. Let’s talk about high-level strategy for a moment. Forgive me for writing this as a business topic. However, frequently that’s what makes the world go round on Earth at the moment. Commerce, finance and organization are somewhat necessary to get anything done—even in the arts. Thus, my interest in the area. If you want to make a large effect, it’s necessary to form or join a group. When you do this though, you’re instantly committed Continue Reading

Get Infinite.


We all have limits, or so I’ve heard. When we really take stock of what we’ve done in the past what we’re capable of in the future, a certain reality sets in. It’s a reality that defines us. A reality that shows us the type of person we are and the type of life we’re likely to have. In order to be “realistic,” in order to be happy, we’re told we should embrace this. We should look at who we are and what we’re capable of, then figure out how to live within those limits and be Continue Reading

The Auckland Invasion: Lorde Reigns at the 2014 Grammys


The youngest person in 25 years to hit the number one spot on the Billboard charts is a seventeen-year-old girl from New Zealand. Until last year she was a total unknown living in Aukland. Now she's a superstar who just won the Grammys. Her name is Lorde. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) is a singer and songwriter with a style that’s sort of an unpretentious mix of electronica, pop and art. Her song “Royals” held the top spot on the Billboard charts for Continue Reading