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It’s a trip to scroll through a Twitter feed and see 250 different people talking about an article you wrote–people you’ve never met from all over the world.

There’s just something really cool about that.

I actually didn’t know that had published my article. I found out through Twitter.

Someone I didn’t know mentioned me and quoted something I’d said. I thought that was odd and checked to see if my article had already been published. Turns out that, not only had it been published, it was actually trending as a “Top Story” on’s home page (check out the screenshot to the left). It had 250 tweets and 70 Facebook shares just hours after Entrepreneur published the article.


Because that’s probably one of the neatest things a writer can experience.

Writers don’t write for themselves. They write to communicate to others. That’s the whole purpose. So when you can reach that broad of an audience that fast, it really is a joy.

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  1. says

    Matt I want to be the first to congratulate you. Job well done!

    It is an excellent article and you are a superb communicator, so naturally Entrepreneur would pick it up – who wouldn’t?

    Cheers man, I look forward to reading you in Forbes!

  2. Mike says

    Having worked with you on several projects, this comes as no surprise. Your writing is always clear, concise and does just what it is supposed to — communicate a concept in just the right way for someone to understand it.

    Well done!

    • Matt Hanses says

      Hi Mike.

      Thanks for the kind words. Also, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate your feedback.