The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing (Part 1)

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Internet marketing can be maddening. No, seriously frustrating. Like, OMG-blow-my-brains-out infuriating. It’s the kind of thing you can pour your heart and soul into but still end up failing miserably, confused and disoriented: Where to start? What to say? Who to say it to? How does it result in sales? What…am I doing? There are so many different websites, blogs and social media platforms it can seem impossible to wrap your wits around internet marketing at all, let alone come up with Continue Reading

Making Awesome Marketing: My Advice to Business Owners

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It’s funny.  I sat down to explain simple steps business owners could follow to apply world-class marketing principles to their company...and was stumped. What do you say to a guy who’s already working his butt off and might not even get enough time with his family? How do you give him something else on top of his already-swamped schedule? Sorry, not going to happen. Yet at the same time, so often I see small business owners trying to do marketing as an afterthought. They’re Continue Reading

Spies, Drones and the NSA: America’s Branding Problem


This may be heretical.  It may be offensive.  However, I’m going to talk about America’s civil liberties from a marketing perspective—not whether it is right or wrong. I once read an article where an incident which occurred in a foreign country was discussed in terms of being a PR problem for their leader—not whether it was just or unjust.  I strongly disagreed.  I felt that the core discussion shouldn't be this foreign leader’s PR, but whether the parties involved had been treated according to Continue Reading