The Case For Beauty

Joan of Arc Statue Large

The world is as we see it, is as we create it. We experience what we emphasize. We receive what we give. Turn on the news—what do you see? The world is full of criminality, deceit and uncaring self-interest. Yet go to a symphony or a play, watch a beautiful movie, roll down the windows and listen to your favorite song. Suddenly life is an amazing place where anything can happen, where the good guys win and where sunlight streams through the clouds onto a world of hope and Continue Reading

Beautiful Night, Magical Life

Forest Park Thumbnail

“Drums!” she said in broken two-year-old English. “Drums on the hill!” She looked way up the hill, past the fountain and multiple of sets of stairs, to the pavilion far at the top. From the heights, the warm sound of conga drums wafted down to us and lightly made itself known. Curious. Why would there be drums on a Sunday night, here in the middle of Forest Park? Beyond the ever-changing lights of the fountain, two friends walked and took pictures in the dark. The summer air was now Continue Reading

Be Your Own Celebrity


I’m not sure why it is folks read People magazine. It’s basically a voyeuristic look into the lives of other people.  It’s raw spectatorism, plain and simple.  It’s just watching what’s happening in a bunch of other people’s lives, as though they’re more important than your own. There comes a point where a celebrity is famous just as a personality–just for being HIM.  The fame is no longer about the movie he played in, the amazing talent he has, or what he is capable of.  It’s no longer Continue Reading