On The Inevitability of Reaching Out

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Spoken of in hushed tones and shrouded in mystery, it is apparently too powerful to be grasped by the uninitiated. Only with years of work can you truly come to know the secrets of the gurus. Only with years of study can you truly understand…marketing? Yes, unfortunately, marketing. It can seem daunting. With proprietary systems, detailed terminology and competing theories, marketing appears highly complicated. But it’s not. It’s simple. We sometimes get so caught up in the mechanics of Continue Reading

Making Awesome Marketing: My Advice to Business Owners

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It’s funny.  I sat down to explain simple steps business owners could follow to apply world-class marketing principles to their company...and was stumped. What do you say to a guy who’s already working his butt off and might not even get enough time with his family? How do you give him something else on top of his already-swamped schedule? Sorry, not going to happen. Yet at the same time, so often I see small business owners trying to do marketing as an afterthought. They’re Continue Reading