Finally! Internet Definitions You Can Understand

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Note: This post is the second section of a seven-part series called "The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing." Click here to read the first part of the series: Part 1: Introduction. The Internet is weird. Because it's constantly growing—added to every hour by millions of people all over the world—new words are always being invented to describe it. Trying to understand it is sort of a bizarre never-ending learning process. You're studying a subject which has terminology so new that much of it Continue Reading

Entrepreneurs: The Rock Stars of the New Millennium

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  Standing center stage wearing his signature black mock turtleneck and jeans, a subtle glint of enthusiasm and mischievous drama in his eye, he was about to drop a bomb and he knew it; he was going to blow the crowd away.  They were going to be floored—totally, completely out of their minds. They wanted big news—were salivating for big news—and he had the biggest news ever.  This was going to create a revolution.  Things would never again be the same. He thoughtfully looked at the crowd Continue Reading