Social Media

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) is a vital part of 21st-century marketing. Even if it doesn’t bring leads in, your absence in those arenas will look strange to your customers. Maintaining a social media presence is part of the game today and it has to be done right.

Now, as a point: I don’t manage social media campaigns; it just isn’t a service I provide. This takes a lot of work and is better done in-house. The most successful social media campaigns I’ve seen have been diligently overseen by a trusted employee who is a good communicator, done directly in coordination with the boss.

However, where most campaigns fall down is that people don’t know what to say–they don’t know how to use social media. As a result they end up posting things that don’t really do anything. They’re saying things but there is no actual strategy or objective.

This is where I come in.  I create social media strategies.

As a writer, I understand how to communicate. I understand how to achieve your goals with your prospects and customers.  I understand how to get the result that we’re looking for.

In writing a social media strategy, I interview you to find out exactly what your goals are and understand your marketing and overall business plans.  Only then do I figure out how social media fits in.  If it doesn’t really, then I’ll just tell you.  If it does, I’ll write an exact plan of attack so that you actually can use social media (like everyone else on the planet wants to these days) to forward your mission.

A social media strategy is normally pretty short.  It consists of an overall plan of attack, an exactly-defined product that we’re shooting for and then a list of the precise actions to take each day or week.

What types of things should you post?  How often should you post them?  What do you say?  How should you present yourself?  Heck–why are you even doing all of it?

This is a social media strategy.